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Cocktail Party – Why A Catering Company Might Be A Good Choice For A Successful Event

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In its strictest terms, a cocktail party is a gathering where cocktails are served.

The first ever cocktail party is alleged to have been held in May 1917 by a Missouri housewife who invited 50 guests to her house on a Sunday for a one-hour affair which, according to the local paper, “scored an instant hit” and within weeks had become “a St Louis institution”.
Not too long after, the first cocktail party in England was hosted in 1924 by war artist Christopher Nevinson.

Over time, these events gave rise to the concepts of “cocktail hours” often held at wedding receptions and other formal gatherings to allow guests to assemble before a meal. Cocktail hours are still often held in bars and clubs. These days the definition of a cocktail party has widened somewhat and they lend themselves to a wide range of celebratory occasion, often being held for networking corporate events, family occasions, birthdays and engagements.

Cocktail parties are ideal as they can really be as formal or informal as the host wishes and of a shorter duration than some other types of gathering. The classic cocktail party is usually no more than 2-3 hours in length where finger food, canapes and drinks UGG Boots Sale are served whilst guests chat and mix together.
Numbers of guests can vary from a small intimate number, to a dozen or more. Dress code can range from informal to relatively formal Cheap UGG Boots and many choices of “cocktail dresses” are available for women whilst men tend to wear suits at a more formal cocktail party.

If you are throwing a cocktail party then consider using a specialised catering company to take the stress out of the organisation. They will be able to guide you through the entire process and provide detailed advice and suggestions. A good local catering company will have many years’ experience and will be able to provide a professional service and a delicious menu to fit your budget.
Look for an interesting, varied menu choice – for example dishes such as smoked salmon pinwheels, jerk chicken and mango kebabs, selections UGG Boots Sale of mini-sandwiches and mini-chicken and ham pies are just a few of the many dishes on the cocktail menu. Finally, check if the company you are planning to Cheap UGG Boots use offer a full uniformed staffing service, provide equipment, refrigerated transport of food to the UGG Boots Sale venue and tidy-up service, things that are often not considered but that really will make a difference to the smooth running of your event!