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Savings Traveling Plan

What is a saving travelling Plan ? Savings Travelling Plan‘ it’s a  pooled investment account provided by us  as an Agency that allows you as a traveler to set aside a portion of your wages for your can be long term or short term savings, depending on when you would like to travel.your saving travelling plan allows you to save from your Flight ,Hotel,Transfers also you activities and many more .


This is how it works :

  • First speak to one of our consultants about the saving plan .
  • You will be given information on how you will save with us each month
  •  Choose any type of your holiday ,It can be your Honeymoon ,family & friends holiday ,Business trip as a package tailored by us  etc
  • what is your Budget( depending on how much you earn we can decide how much you can save each month)
  • You can go on a vacation for as little as R1500
  • You can save as little as from R500 per month for 12 months by the time you would like to travel you would have R6.000 Imagine where you would stay,the source of transport you would use even go?

Dont start travelling and having fun when you old and grey start NOW ! Isnt saving much better than using all your month’s wages ? Talk to our consultants about your travel savings plan NOW !

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