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Common Dieting Mistakes You don’t Know

Exercise is UGG Outlet very important but nutrition is essential to losing weight and having a fit body.
Dieting can be harder than exercise. It can be a very difficult thing to understand and master. Sometimes we make dieting mistakes that we aren’t aware of, so if you’re not seeing the results maybe you are making UGG Outlet some of these mistakes.
Mistake: Not eating enough calories for a long period of time.
Yes we know that a fewer calorie intake is mathematically how we lose weight. Less calories in, more calories burned equals weight loss, but going to extremes can do more harm that it can do good. When you yo-yo diet and you starve your body it creates a very stressful state of being for your body.

Then if you add intense working out to that, it raises your stress hormone way higher than necessary. Food and exercise should not stress your body out it should do the opposite. This may good for short term weight loss but not a long term solution, they might be good for body composition but they are not good for the overall health of your body.

Take a break from your diet, even if you take short breaks it helps your metabolism and can also improve your endurance and performance during working out. Keep your body healthy and as less stressed as possible.

Mistake: Plan jumping
If you don’t stick with something long enough you cannot see if it works or not….so you have to stick with your diet. Set a plan and a time and see it through, sometimes things jump off right away and you see your body changing and you feel good so you stick with it, but that doesn’t always happen. It doesn’t always start with a bang and sometimes you don’t see the results you were promised, still see it through.

Try to stick to a plan for 10-12 weeks before giving up! Give your body time to adjust. You cant always see what’s going on, sometimes things are happening on the inside, and it takes your body a little while to reflect that on the outside.

Mistake: Underestimating Your Protein Intake
Protein is super important to maintain lean muscle mass. If your are not getting enough in your body its way harder to put Cheap UGG Boots on muscle, and as we all know muscle burns fat. SO we want more muscle. Protein is also very filling and will make you feel fuller longer.
The UGG Outlet protein rule is to intake about one gram of protein for every 2 pounds of bodyweight. That is just a guideline you can always take more. One way to know if you’re getting enough protein is how hungry you feel after. If you are starving after your workout or two hours after you eat then you are not getting enough protein.