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Removing Charge Offs From Credit Report Can Raise Your Credit Score Substantially

What are credit card charge offs? A charge off is a severe credit status a consumer can get on his credit report. It’s in lieu with bankruptcy and foreclosure but not as severe as the prior. Your accounts can only be inside the charge off status when you neglected to pay your bills on time.

Before accounts are declared charge offs, the credit providing company will turn them over to the collection agencies. If you fail to settle your accounts in the collections stage, they will be declared as charged offs by the creditors. Charge offs are treated as expenses by the creditors because of their inability to collect receivables from their clients.

Charge off status is activated at the finish of the year, ordinarily when the credit corporations file their yearly Profit and Loss Statement using the IRS. Even if your debt’s status has been changed as charged offs, you happen to be still required to pay your debt in full or a lawsuit might be filed against you.

One of the elements that negatively affects your credit score is the appearance of charge offs inside your credit report even if you totally settled your account with the provider. Due to the fact of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, charge offs will stay on your credit report for a maximum of seven years.

If you find an erroneous entry filed as charge off in your credit report, you should file a complaint with the creditor concerned. If the creditor doesn’t cooperate, you should write a complaint letter to all the major credit reporting bureaus carefully outlining the charge off status of your account. The creditor is given 30 days to respond to the complaint and if they do not respond within the given timeframe, the charge off item will be removed from your credit report.

However, if the charge off in your credit report is legitimate, you can work directly with the original creditor and make a deal with them. You should avoid cutting deals with collection agencies because this will only lead to lawsuits filed against you. If the original creditor agrees to your terms, you may be required to make partial or full payment of your total debt before they revert back the charge off from your credit report.

By removing charge offs from your credit report, you might be eliminating negative elements that straight influence your total credit score. Often remember, an unblemished credit report provides superior credit standing for you personally.

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