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Dementia Research Suggests More Vitamin D

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As the baby boomer generation moves into their senior years, dementia and cognitive decline continue to become more of a concern. With dementia diagnoses already on the rise and largely driven by an increase in the incidence of Alzheimer disease, Patients are seeking ways to prevent or delay the onset of dementia.

Dementia patients are very soon going to cause an increase in visits for physicians who provide services to geriatric patients. Fortunately, the field of dementia research is constantly evolving. As a result, new information is being published every day. This research provides new hope for those quickly approaching their golden years.

Two recent research studies point to the potential causes of dementia as well as Alzheimer’s disease. This research also suggests relatively simple interventions to help reduce the risk of cognitive decline. In an article UGG Boots UK published in September’s BMJ, researchers have shown that benzodiazepine ever-users had more than a 50 percent increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease even when benzodiazepines were taken years prior to a Cheap UGG Boots diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

A dose-response relationship was also noticed. Those taking higher doses of benzodiazepines for extended periods of time had the greatest risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. While the underlying mechanism of this risk is unknown, the finding indicate that other interventions should be considered when treating sleep disorders as well as anxiety in older adults.

Another study, published in the August 2014 edition of Neurology, found that adults with a vitamin D deficiency had a 51 percent increased risk UGG Boots UK for all-cause dementia. Individuals with a severe vitamin D deficiency had a 122 increased risk for all-cause dementia. While this study did not prove the causation, researchers suggestion a very simple intervention to help older adults prevent the onset of dementia.

The answer just may be as simple as get more Vitamin D! Vitamin D can be obtained through supplements, food and/or sun exposure.
While vitamin D does not occur naturally in many foods, UGG Boots UK this is why medical professionals will suggest supplementation. Remember, always talk to your doctor before beginning a vitamin D supplement or any other form of supplement. Vitamin D can also be obtained through products fortified with vitamin D.

These products may include fortified milk, bread and cereal. When using the sun for exposure to vitamin D, older individuals (as well as individuals of all ages) should limit exposure and be sure to develop a habit of using sunscreen.